Test Run

MyData’s Test Run can give you a preview of what data would be uploaded before you begin uploading the data. This is particularly useful because MyTardis doesn’t allow deleting of uploaded data, except by site administrators, so instead of trying a real upload, getting it wrong, and having to ask for help with cleaning up the unwanted data, you can do a practice run first.

The Test Run can be launched from the “Test Tubes” icon on MyData’s toolbar:


The first part of the Test Run output shows the results of MyData’s initial settings validation and data folder scanning.

This is followed by a list of the experiments and datasets which would be created (or added to), and a list of the files which would be uploaded:


The Test Run output finishes with a summary of the number of files which need to be uploaded.


The Test Run output can be saved to a text file for viewing in an external application.